"Pen To Paper"


"Pen to Paper" is a series about PENELOPE JAMES, a 29 year old Black single mother living in Atlanta. While that may sound like the makings of the most cliche and stereotypical story ever, this particular case is a bit different. Penelope and her son, Max's, father are peacefully co-parenting- No drama there. In fact most of Penelope's drama tends to stem from her own isms and overthinking.

Penelope works a decent job that pays the bills, but her passion lies in writing. This web series shows her journey from trying to navigate through motherhood, dating, and becoming the woman she feels destined to be.

Along for the ride is her best friend, ELENA, a natural and beautiful early 30's Latina woman. Elena and Penelope have been friends since High School so Elena is well versed in all things Penelope. She is supportive and non-judgmental. 

Elena's husband, ALI, a late 30's handsome Black and successful male is also privy to the Penelope show. He and Penelope have a Brother/Sister dynamic which always leads to giving Penelope advice and hard truths. 

MORGAN, a gorgeous natural Black Woman in her Early 30's is Penelope's roommate. This gives her a front seat to Penelope's life. Morgan is smart as a whip, a Quiet Storm, and is always ready to give Penelope perspective over a joint.

MAX, an adorable and percocious 5 year old, is Penelope's son. He is a loving and smart kid, but his stubborness and everyday kid antics serve as a daily test as a mother. 

The show opens with a Mac Screen opened in a screenwriter program. The following word is typed as you hear the clicking of the keys: "Penelope"

There is a 2 second pause. "Penelope" is erased. Then "A Not So Love Story" is typed. Another pause. Erase.

There is hesitation. Then a 3 second pause. Last title is typed.

"Pen to Paper"

Pt. I Coming...